–Our Mission–

With our experience, we establish trust and provide quality service for our customers.

About Us

Our company started 14 years ago in Chandler, AZ. I started this business with the American dream and a passion for helping people. When I started Commercial Custodial Services; I went to every business and talked to everybody. I believe that we can provide a better custodial experience with a high visual standard and great customer service. That is why when you call for a quote you talk to me (Travis) directly. We care about your business and want to help maintain a clean environment for you, your employees and customers.

Our specialization

Janitorial Services
Large scale custodial services
Specialty floor services
Facilities management

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, We strive to help business owners develop a visual standard and a clean environment so that your employees and clients feel comfortable. We will work to improve cleanliness, cleaning productivity and maintain a green clean environment. Find out how we can help you and your business today!

Travis Kozai

Travis Kozai


My history is in public service. I began with the U.S. Navy and from there moved to Chandler police department, where I worked as a police officer until 2002. I changed gears and moved to the Chandler fire Department. This is when I started Commercial Custodial Services. Since then Commercial Custodial Services has grown to the point where I had to leave the fire service to manage the company full time.

Ed Brown

Ed Brown

Director of Operations

Started in the cleaning industry back in 1983 when his parents together with his aunt and uncle moved from Pennsylvania and started a cleaning company. After this business was sold, He worked for the Marana school district and became one of their youngest supervisors with 3 schools under his management

Lori McGaughey

Lori McGaughey

Office Manager

I have been with Commercial Custodial Services since 2007. I have enjoyed growing with the company and providing my 25 years of Office experience adding to the efficiency of our team. I grew up on a farm in southern Arizona and have lived in the Phoenix area for 32 years. I currently live in Chandler with my Husband of 22 year and our 3 amazing boys who are now young men