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Medical Office Cleaning – 3 Details To Consider!

When selecting a Medical Office Cleaning company, it’s important to ensure all your required tasks are clearly communicated. Janitorial providers should listen, consult, and iterate the cleaning task list as much as you require.  Their priority should be ensuring your expectations are met.  Also, make sure this task list is in writing and contractual.  Finally, even after […]

Get Your Auto Dealership Ready for the New Model Year

While auto dealerships are busy places that require regular cleaning to maintain their attractive look, this attractive look is actually key to sales. A clean and well-kept place not only looks more expensive but makes your entire business look more competent and trustworthy. After all, putting the time and effort into maintaining a flawless space […]

What Does a Day Porter Do?

What does a day porter do? To start, they are probably the most important position that your office or commercial building is lacking! To be more specific, a day porter is a highly specialized position that helps your building look phenomenal for guests, employees, and customers all day long. A day porter will clean areas of your […]

3 Signs You Need Auto Dealership Cleaning

When you run a business, any kind of business, keeping it clean is immensely important. A clean auto dealership can boost sales and improve your chances of drawing in more customers. In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at the 3 signs you need auto dealership cleaning. When that has become a definite issue, rely […]

A Cleaner Office Makes a Better Auto Dealership

Every business should maintain a clean environment to optimize productivity and make the best first impression possible. This is especially true for auto dealerships, who rely on top-notch cleanliness and organization to entice potential car buyers. A commercial cleaning company can make the entire difference between higher-than-ever sales and a summer drought. A cleaner office makes […]

Why Hire Professionals To Do Your Medical Office Cleaning?

Cleaning an ordinary office is important if only to ensure that the office is a pleasant place to be, but medical office cleaning goes way beyond appearance. If your medical office isn’t properly cleaned, it can harbor potentially dangerous germs that could result in patients getting sicker than they were before they entered your facility. Rather […]

Why should you clean cubicles?

  Show of hands…how many of you spend your workday seated in and surrounded by fabric-walled cubicles? How many of you drink beverages or eat lunch in your 3-walled office? Ok, now how many of you have your cubicle walls vacuumed or deep cleaned on a regular basis? Hey! Where did all the hands go? […]

A clean restaurant is the best place to eat!

Great food, coupons, and loyalty cards are all excellent ways to generate repeat customers in the restaurant industry. However, a culinary school-trained chef and punch-card won’t help bring customers back if your restaurant is dirty and smelly. A recent survey conducted by Harris Poll asked 2,034 U.S. adults to identify what issues would keep them from returning […]

Back to school germs

Dirty schools may be to blame for a child’s next fever or stomach ache. Between superficial cleaning efforts and germ-filled surfaces and spaces, two-thirds of the 500 adults we recently surveyed believe a lack of cleanliness in schools leads to kids getting sick. With a new school year upon us, if you have children, get […]