Back to school germs

Dirty schools may be to blame for a child’s next fever or stomach ache. Between superficial cleaning efforts and germ-filled surfaces and spaces, two-thirds of the 500 adults we recently surveyed believe a lack of cleanliness in schools leads to kids getting sick.

With a new school year upon us, if you have children, get ready to get sick. A University of Utah School of Medicine study finds that people living in childless homes are sick 3 to 4 weeks per year. Add one child, that number goes up to 18 weeks and then 29 weeks per year with a second child.

Less than one-third of the adults we surveyed believe schools are properly sanitized on a daily basis, giving germs room and time to multiply. While the trash may be thrown out and floors vacuumed every day, the concern about a thorough cleaning is why the majority of people we surveyed say schools are on the dirtier side.

It seems nearly impossible for students to escape the germs, no matter what room they are in. According to our survey respondents, here are the places that carry the most germs:

       Bathroom: 39.2%

       Classroom: 24.1%

       Cafeteria: 16.75%

       Gym: 13.8%

       Nurse’s Office: 6.2%

There may be no escaping the germs, as some of the most common items students touch every day were voted the most germ infested by our survey respondents:

       Door Handle: 38.3%

       Water Fountain: 17.4%

       Stairway Railing: 17.1%

       Desk: 11.3%

       School Supplies: 8.1%

       Toilet: 7.8%

While students are encouraged to wash and sanitize their hands often, it’s also important a school sanitize these places daily.  

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each day about 55 million students and seven million staff attend more than 130,000 public and schools in the U.S. Illness outbreaks can hamper learning, lead to an increase in absenteeism and wreak havoc on a school district.

“When tackling germs in school, it is important that people understand the difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing,” Coverall’s COO, Shirley Klein. “Coverall works with thousands of schools to implement a system that eradicates germs. Having a system in place to keep schools clean will help prevent illness, limit parents from taking unnecessary sick days and provide a more enjoyable learning experience,” added Klein.

In addition to reinforcing good personal hygiene, Coverall emphasizes the importance of tackling the high-touch points so many parents in the survey were concerned about.

“Paying extra close attention to the cafeteria, door handles and bathrooms can have a big impact in minimizing the spread of germs and illness,” she added.  

Why it is important to screen your future custodial staff

It’s very important to keep your office clean because a clean office creates a positive impression on visitors, helps keep away illness and also adds to the beauty of your space. Unfortunately, cleaning a workplace may become a tiresome and time-consuming task. This is the reason why you should hire a professional cleaning service. Cleaning professionals make sure that your office is always clean after they are done.

Some other important things to consider when hiring cleaning services in Phoenix, Chandler or surrounding areas are as follows:

– An important thing to consider while hiring cleaning services of Gilbert or Phoenix is to compare prices and services offered by each company. While a company may offer cheap prices, you should consider what products they are using and how often they would be coming by to clean your office.

– Ask for references to see how a cleaning company has performed in the past. Any good cleaning services of or Phoenix should have a great track record of keeping offices clean while being reliable and reasonably priced. You also want to see if they can clean an office specifically for people with chemical sensitivity issues.

– Make sure the cleaning services in Phoenix or Gilbert you want to hire brings all the materials and equipment needed to clean your office. This is especially important for offices because there are a lot of places that need to be cleaned that can be hard to reach without equipment like extended dusting equipment. If they do not have all the equipment needed, they should charge less.

– Make sure the cleaning service company you hire provides multiple cleaning services required for your office. Double checking saves you time, money and from dealing with the issues of various service providers.

The tips above will ensure that you are hiring a good cleaning service.

communication in our business

Communication is an important aspect in every relationship, especially within the business. For Commercial Custodial Services and the commercial cleaning industry, communication keeps our Arizona cleaning services as efficient as possible. We complete all of our Arizona cleaning services within various workplaces and in many different languages. With respect to everyday business practices, we’ve found that there are two sides to our communication – with our customers and with our commercial cleaning technicians.

Customer communication includes many different avenues. Commercial Custodial Services  has field auditors who visit customers every day of the week to find dirt and areas in need of cleaning services. This puts a face to the commercial cleaning crews who usually work at night when no one is in the facility. Many of our clients are visual evaluators and so we look in every corner, under every piece of furniture and paper to find dust particles. This gives our customers a chance to either say “you missed something” or “you are doing a great job”.

For example, if a trash can is missed in a back office, the commercial cleaning crew can get it the next time they are scheduled to provide cleaning services. But, if a trash can is missed in a restaurant restroom, we will go take care of it immediately. A restaurant does not want to open its doors with a full trash can in the restroom.

Among our commercial cleaning staff, we have a team member call and ask our clients how their cleaning services from Commercial Custodial Services are going. We also use an online system that our customers can access via computer, phone, or Ipads and gives us feedback instantly. If a customer sends a message, the message goes to all staff members’ computers, Ipads, and phones. The message is then stored, documented, and addressed. This system also documents inspections and phone calls. Without proper communication between our clients and our Commercial Custodial Services  staff, we are working in the dark, when our goal is to make your space as bright and clean as possible.

Green Cleaning

At Commercial Custodial Services, we care about our environmental impact and responsibility to healthy commercial cleaning practices. That is why we use organic cleaning products that reduce waste, use less water, and are safe for our customers, their staff, and our cleaning technicians to use. We’ve taken eco-friendly commercial cleaning down to a science by knowing the value of clean facilities. The value is both in health and in revenue.

All of our organic cleaning solutions are made using Nano-Natural Technology. This combines extremely small molecular structures and natural ingredients to break down the molecules of stains and soil for easy removal. By using natural ingredients, the solutions are able to imitate a pH level that is strong enough to kill bacteria in 60 seconds but safe enough for human skin to be exposed to. Our solutions are so safe that our commercial cleaning technicians often only need to wear gloves and eye protection.

The commercial cleaning industry does not have specifications for what type of cleaning agents are required. At Commercial Custodial Services, we made the choice to use natural and eco-friendly products. Bleach-, chlorine-, and ammonium-based cleaning solvents don’t make it on our shelves. Why would we use solvents that leave hazardous residues behind? For example, imagine a school cafeteria where the tables are wiped down every hour with cotton rags that are soaked in bleach. Then look at the way children eat. They take out all of their food and sprawl it on the table. Every day these kids eat food that has been exposed to bleach. This type of sanitation is dangerous. Using bleach to clean other areas also can lead to costly repairs. Drops of bleach that land on carpet floors will leave unsightly white spots that cannot be reversed and usually result in carpet replacement.

With all-natural and highly concentrated commercial cleaning products, our technicians do not need to saturate the area in order to clean and disinfect it. In conjunction with highly effective natural solutions, microfiber is used on all cleaning materials, from cloths to mops. Unlike cotton towels, bacteria won’t grow or survive on microfiber. This material allows our technicians to work double time by trapping the bacteria, dust and residue that we not only wipe off, but remove entirely.

At Commercial Custodial Services, we also are determined to reduce waste in our mission to be eco-friendly. We receive and distribute fully concentrated cleaning solutions. A single gallon of concentrated cleaning product will make 32 gallons of mixed cleaning product because only 1 ounce of product is actually needed in each bottle of solution. This allows our company and its franchise owners to use less plastic, less water, less fuel and reduce overall waste.

Through our methods of commercial cleaning, we intend to increase your business’s productivity, performance, and profitability. We are committed to creating a clean, safe, healthy and organized environment for you and your employees. This healthy environment leads to healthier employees who take fewer sick days or show up to work sick less often. Sick employees, absent or present, can cause a 54% decrease in productivity and 39% drop in sales and customer service. The cost in sick pay is not what is lost, it is the loss in productivity that is detrimental. The cleanliness of every facility has a direct effect on the level of performance by staff and return visits of customers. Commercial Custodial Services offers the simple and proven solution to save money and generate more revenue with green commercial cleaning.

How often you should clean your windows and carpet

              That feeling of a nice clean carpet

A large focus of our services is on maintaining clean windows and floors, including carpet. When cleaning these areas, we have gone through extensive measures to use products and commercial cleaning practices that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Commercial Custodial Services believes in cleaning with organic products that are safe for the customers and the environment. We value both revenue and health as we strive to implement eco-friendly commercial cleaning practices. Thus, we suggest how often you should have us clean your windows and carpets.

We specialize in window cleaning and carpet cleaning for offices, industrial units, commercial establishments and others. We also have our cleaning solutions made using nano-natural technology, and we focus on distributed waste systems as we are determined to reduce waste. We distribute fully concentrated cleaning solutions. This allows our company and its franchise owners to use less plastic, less water, and less fuel, which reduces overall waste.

We help your business grow by helping increase your business’s productivity, performance, and profitability. We believe in creating a safe, healthy and an organized environment for you and your employees.

How often you call us for your window cleaning and carpet cleaning depends on the following factors:

1. If the color of your carpet is pale or if you have solid shades. These show more dirt than any other pattern and require more cleaning to look fresh and new.

2. The level of dirt that finds its way int your office buildings or facility. High-traffic areas obviously need more frequent care than low-traffic areas.

3. If there are individual stains diminish the life of the carpet. If your office has areas in which food is consumed or dirt/debris settle, you will need to have carpet cleaning services more often.

4. If you want preventative cleaning. For heavy-traffic areas like entrances and ground floor halls, you want preventative cleanings 12-24 times a year. The more the better, but at least once a month.

How we can improve your business

A clean and healthy environment is essential in any workplace. Maintaining business in itself is a big task, so why burden yourself with cleaning the office when you can outsource that work to a commercial cleaning company.

Commercial Custodial Services has years of experience in providing commercial cleaning services in Arizona. We are willing, able and eager to help you maintain a clean office because we know maintaining a clean business space can have a great impact on your business.

Making a clean office your priority can affect your business in ways such as:

1. Maintaining asset value

When your office furniture and fixtures are regularly cleaned and polished, it improves their lifespan. It even helps in getting rid of insects and other bacteria that can damage your health.

2. Reducing employee sick leave

A clean office helps employees be happy and stay healthy. Being sick less often is reduced with the help of our Commercial Cleaning Service. The cost of sick leave is a notable expense for any company. Employees showing up to work is a priority for all businesses, and having a clean office helps make that possible.

3. Improving productivity

When employees feel that their basic needs are met, a sense of satisfaction is generally present. Employees who are satisfied can provide you with quality work and service. When you provide them a clean work environment, they provide you with better returns.

4. Improving image

Your business office is the place where a prospective client or investor often meets you. Having a clean workspace helps them decide whether they should be working with you in the near future or not.

Commercial custodial services will provide you with quality services. We take care of every nook and corner with the utmost care. Put us to work and see the difference.

No job is too big

Chris asked if I can share my story about how we came into a job expecting one thing but got another.

Late last year we received a call from a property manager. They needed someone to come down and do a construction clean up on a flipped apartment complex. They informed us that this was a big job with 100 units and needed to be down in 3 weeks. We agreed to a contract to who a bonus was given if we finished earlier.  I told Travis that I’ll get my best men on the job and we can do it, no problem.

The next week was our first start date, this apartment complex was in the heart of Phoenix. It was in a very busy high traffic area with everyone and everything around. We meet with the project manager, He seemed real stressed and asked us if we clean everything. I had to ask why and He replied that recently the owner experienced my break-ins and theft in the area. All of the finished apartments were broken into and feces was smeared in around in some areas. Also, the demolition team quit and there was a lot clean up left. Right away I got ahold of Travis and asked if this is the right job for us. Travis gave the okay and we reconstructed the contract and time frame. 

The apartments with the vandalism were a mess and took a while to clean. Everything you can think of or imagine was in theirs. There was stuff all over the walls and stains in the carpet and tile. We offered carpet and tile repair to the owner because we are a one stop shop. I couldn’t believe how much work went into cleaning and repairing these units. It was one of the hardest jobs I had ever experienced with the company. We cleaned all 100 units before our deadline. We even repaired the carpet and tile within the same time frame. The owner was so pleased she offered each one of our employee’s Chipotle gift card to take care of lunch. 

This is just an example of what makes up different and displays our strengths dealing with ambiguity. We have done much more ambiguous complicated jobs after the Phoenix. But we will never forget the Phoenix apartment complex job that was our first m!

How it all began

My name is Travis Kozai, I am the owner of Commercial Custodial Services. I wanted to share my story of how this all began. This company means a lot to me because of our beginnings and success that my employees and I have had together.

I became motivated to look for extra income in late-2002. I was switching from working at the Chandler Police Department to working at the Chandler Fire Department and taking $30,000 pay cut. My wife was laid off from her job shortly thereafter, further compounding the problem.  I knew I needed a second job and I had enough spare time to invest in something, the question was what?

I knew the risks of starting my own business— most fail within the first year— but taking the risks looked better to me than flipping burgers. I started Kozai Custom Cleaning and started cold calling every business on Alma School Rd. between Riggs Rd. and Baseline Rd. looking for clients. It actually paid off! I started cleaning work for several doctors and dentists in the area. Slowly but surely my financial hardships started to become lighter.

When I got a job cleaning a construction trailer for the U.S. Army Reserves, I got an idea for how to develop my company: Provide a great cleaning service for both the private and government sector. This required me to maintain a high visual standard if I didn’t want another larger cleaning company coming and taking my jobs. As always, with growth in companies comes hardships. It was very difficult finding reliable employees as we continued to grow. It was also very challenging to keep our pricing competitive yet profitable. One of the biggest hurtles to overcome was simply figuring out what worked and what didn’t. What ended up being mine and the companies success was finding the right team to help it grow.

Now, fifteen years later, we have grown from me on my hands and knees cleaning some trailer to a business with forty-five employees. We clean for large commercial clients as well as for government agencies. We are able to serve in three states: Arizona, Utah, and Texas. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy starting my business but I wasn’t ready for just how difficult it can be. But businesses, like people, aren’t defined by their fail and fall. They’re defined by how they get back up.

Cleaning For Cancer



When I first heard of the Cleaning for Cancer program, I almost didn’t believe it could be real. What would a small business owner have the excess time or money to devote to a side project that makes no income and simply exists to help those in need? Well, his name is Travis and he started Cleaning for Cancer almost eight years ago when he looked around at his community and saw a need. One of his client’s wives was battling breast cancer and having a hard time. Travis was overcome with empathy and determined to find a creative way to help them— to try and make their lives a little better. He had only limited resources and a desire to serve so he came up with the idea of cleaning their entire house free of charge. This included floors, dishes, carpet and anything else dirty in the house. He did this all through her battle with cancer and her recovery. As others in the company were diagnosed with cancer over the following years, Travis gave them the same gift.

One time, during a casual conversation at work, I mentioned a friend to Travis who had just been diagnosed with a tumor on his adrenal gland. This friend doesn’t work for the company and Travis has never met him, but without hesitating he offered to send a team to my friend’s house to clean. I was amazed. I offered to help pay for it with my paycheck but he firmly declined to say, “It’s the right thing to do.” In fact, he has never been interested in praise or bringing attention to what he was doing. He simply interested in helping people in need in whatever way he can.

Last August, I got to witness the power of his selflessness first hand when I was diagnosed with a rapidly spreading cancerous tumor. I was forced to resign and start radiation and hormone-based chemotherapy. It really took a toll on my life. Physically I was constantly tired, nauseous, and irritable. Mentally I was miserable and frustrated I couldn’t do more or just get better. My wife had to transition to taking care of me and the kids which added a greater toll on her. We were all struggling. While this was happening, Travis continued to reach out to me. Even though I wasn’t working there anymore, he would still touch base and see if he could help at all. Every time he called or texted he would ask if I wanted him to send a crew over and I kept telling him, “No”. He refused to take that as an answer. “I know the toll this is taking on your, your wife, your family, everything,” he said during a very emotional conversation. “Please let me help.” I finally relented, allowing my friend and boss to clean my house, and when I did I think I finally understood why Travis started Cleaning for Cancer. After his team came and cleaned our entire house, I couldn’t stop smiling. Even though it was something as simple as a cleaning, it represented more than that. It represented a weight off my family’s burdened shoulders. It represented the kindness, love, and support of the community. And more than anything, it represented the selflessness and generosity of Travis, a man I’ve very grateful to call my friend.

If you or anyone you know is fighting cancer, we would like to clean your house free of charge. Just go to our website and click on Cleaning for Cancer under the About Us page. There is a form there to fill out. We will contact you afterward to schedule a service date. Thank you and God bless.

What makes CCS different



I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I applied for CCS.  At first, I didn’t want to work for this company because I was going to work for a franchise or another “cleaner”. When I sat down with Travis and Ed, they seemed different. Travis was a former police officer and was pretty upfront. He didn’t want to sell me on anything he just wanted to show me the “difference”. He explained that he grew tired of franchised cleaners, he knew that they treated their employees bad and paid even worst. He explained that his idea of a good cleaning company is an honest local company. Someone you can call anytime with any need without expecting to get someone else to show up unable to communicate with you.

He introduced Ed as his operations manager and gave him a humble introduction. Ed explained that he was unsure about the job that Travis offered him. He explained that he was tired of working for franchised companies and didn’t want to make the same mistake again. He also made clear that Travis’ company was different. Travis actually cared about everyone in the company including his clients. He gushed about how his car broke down and Travis offered him a company car as a replacement. He mentioned how Travis offered to clean a clients house after he found out she had cancer. He shared so many examples of how Travis cared.  I was blown away, I was thinking that this was going to be a job interview or a pitch. Amazingly it was a different experience, it felt like a coffee talk. I had a great time talking about the company, cars, and cracking jokes. 

So before I left I was offered the job and said yes. I wanted to prove to Travis that I also wanted to do something different. I mention to him that I wanted to help build a better marketing campaign. Also, I wanted to at least tell someone what good he has done and show everyone that the company was different.  

About a year later u was diagnosed with cancer and I couldn’t fulfill my obligations and job duties. When I spoke to Travis and submitted my two-weeks notice, he offered a severance package. He also wanted me to return to my when I was ready and healthy. Through my treatment, he offered a helping hand. He gave me rides to treatment and offered to clean my house through the cleaning for cancer program. He helped me all the way through and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.  

So as I close, I wanted to thank you for your interest in this blog and the company. I hope to you see why we are different.