Cleaning for Cancer

Cleaning for Cancer started when one of my clients’ spouse developed Breast Cancer.  There was no name for the program then I just wanted to help their family through this crisis.  I offered to help them through Chemotherapy by cleaning their home.  This is a difficult time for them and I wanted to try and make things a little easier.  Another of my clients had since developed cancer, and it has been our honor to try and help them through this difficult process.  Since the beginning, of this program cancer has stricken one of my employees.  I see the hardships this terrible disease causes families.  I strongly believe in this program and will do what I can to make things a little easier on the families impacted by this life-threatening illness.

We have been able to help 5 families through the arduous process of Chemotherapy.  We would like to help more.  Please contact me if you or someone you know is facing this life changing illness, so we can offer our services at no charge.

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