My fight for autism awareness



I know I have written in the past before about my son Anthony. He is an awesome kid, he’s a smart kid, just like any other kid he’s active and has his interest. Once I found out that Anthony was autistic  I knew I had to know more about autism. I had a show friends, family, coworkers and strangers what really is autism. Many people believed that autism was like down syndrome or schizophrenia or even cerebral palsy. when I told someone that Anthony was autistic they would constantly tell me your son doesn’t ” look autistic, he doesn’t “seem like he’s retarded”. Sad thing is, there’s really no look of autism and you can be Autistic without being fully developmentally disabled ( mentally retarded). For me, it was really difficult to have an explain Anthony. On good days Anthony’s awesome! He could tell you about the ins and out of a car, he could play chess, He could challenge you with a puzzle. Anthony has a lot of great days and some bad days. On his bad days, he is really difficult to handle. On his bad days, people will look at him with bad looks or whisper about my bad child, once I had a woman yell at me to control my kid or she will do it for me. 

All I can do is be a dad, teach him right from wrong in the way the understands I would say that this is actually Anthony’s struggle and all I can do this fight for him and be his advocate.  because I know when he grows older, I’m not always going to be there for him. Even though he has excelled in so many aspects of life, every so often he comes across “a little off”. So I made a promise that’ll be an advocate not just for autism but for people with all types disabilities .I’ll be more helpful, I’ll be more understanding. If a door needs to be open I’ll open it.  If there someone that needs help with translating ASL I would. Whatever the issue I will try to help. Nowadays I help volunteer for different organizations to help lead a greater cause not for autism awareness but also for awareness for people with disabilities for acceptance of people with disabilities. 

Anthony has taught me was to accept everything around you and see the world in a different light.
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