No job is too big

Chris asked if I can share my story about how we came into a job expecting one thing but got another.

Late last year we received a call from a property manager. They needed someone to come down and do a construction clean up on a flipped apartment complex. They informed us that this was a big job with 100 units and needed to be down in 3 weeks. We agreed to a contract to who a bonus was given if we finished earlier.  I told Travis that I’ll get my best men on the job and we can do it, no problem.

The next week was our first start date, this apartment complex was in the heart of Phoenix. It was in a very busy high traffic area with everyone and everything around. We meet with the project manager, He seemed real stressed and asked us if we clean everything. I had to ask why and He replied that recently the owner experienced my break-ins and theft in the area. All of the finished apartments were broken into and feces was smeared in around in some areas. Also, the demolition team quit and there was a lot clean up left. Right away I got ahold of Travis and asked if this is the right job for us. Travis gave the okay and we reconstructed the contract and time frame. 

The apartments with the vandalism were a mess and took a while to clean. Everything you can think of or imagine was in theirs. There was stuff all over the walls and stains in the carpet and tile. We offered carpet and tile repair to the owner because we are a one stop shop. I couldn’t believe how much work went into cleaning and repairing these units. It was one of the hardest jobs I had ever experienced with the company. We cleaned all 100 units before our deadline. We even repaired the carpet and tile within the same time frame. The owner was so pleased she offered each one of our employee’s Chipotle gift card to take care of lunch. 

This is just an example of what makes up different and displays our strengths dealing with ambiguity. We have done much more ambiguous complicated jobs after the Phoenix. But we will never forget the Phoenix apartment complex job that was our first m!

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