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Why it is important to screen your future custodial staff

It’s very important to keep your office clean because a clean office creates a positive impression on visitors, helps keep away illness and also adds to the beauty of your space. Unfortunately, cleaning a workplace may become a tiresome and time-consuming task. This is the reason why you should hire a professional cleaning service. Cleaning […]

Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning At Commercial Custodial Services, we care about our environmental impact and responsibility to healthy commercial cleaning practices. That is why we use organic cleaning products that reduce waste, use less water, and are safe for our customers, their staff, and our cleaning technicians to use. We’ve taken eco-friendly commercial cleaning down to a […]

What makes CCS different

  I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I applied for CCS.  At first, I didn’t want to work for this company because I was going to work for a franchise or another “cleaner”. When I sat down with Travis and Ed, they seemed different. Travis was a former police officer and was pretty upfront. […]

How often you should clean your windows and carpet

A large focus of our services is on maintaining clean windows and floors, including carpet. When cleaning these areas, we have gone through extensive measures to use products and commercial cleaning practices that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Commercial Custodial Services believes in cleaning with organic products that are safe for the customers and […]

How we can improve your business

A clean and healthy environment is essential in any workplace. Maintaining business in itself is a big task, so why burden yourself with cleaning the office when you can outsource that work to a commercial cleaning company. Commercial Custodial Services has years of experience in providing commercial cleaning services in Arizona. We are willing, able […]

No job is too big

Chris asked if I can share my story about how we came into a job expecting one thing but got another. Late last year we received a call from a property manager. They needed someone to come down and do a construction clean up on a flipped apartment complex. They informed us that this was […]

How it all began

My name is Travis Kozai, I am the owner of Commercial Custodial Services. I wanted to share my story of how this all began. This company means a lot to me because of our beginnings and success that my employees and I have had together. I became motivated to look for extra income in late-2002. […]

Cleaning For Cancer

    When I first heard of the Cleaning for Cancer program, I almost didn’t believe it could be real. What would a small business owner have the excess time or money to devote to a side project that makes no income and simply exists to help those in need? Well, his name is Travis and […]

My fight for autism awareness

    I know I have written in the past before about my son Anthony. He is an awesome kid, he’s a smart kid, just like any other kid he’s active and has his interest. Once I found out that Anthony was autistic  I knew I had to know more about autism. I had a […]

My son Anthony

I wanted to share my personal experience with my autistic son, Anthony. I feel that if more people know more about the disorder it would easier to understand the struggle. Hopefully, this brings awareness and an understanding of what the struggles are of having an Autistic family member, or from my perspective. Let me start […]